The Color Cleanser

Tanggal Acara
17 - 25 Juni 2023
Galeri Lorong
Jalan Nitiprayan, Jeblok RT 01, Tirtonirmolo, Kasihan, Bantul, YK

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The Collaboration Art Project of Hiroshi Mehata (Japanese Artist) and Octalyna Puspa Wardany (Indonesian Curator) ""The Color Cleanser""

This collaboration started in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. By optimizing IT, Hiroshi in Tokyo and Octalyna in the Boti indigenous community of NTT planned and prepared this project since December 2021. After working for 1.5 years, this art project is ready to be presented.

Opening on Saturday, 17th of June 2023
19.00 WIB
At Galeri Lorong, Yogyakarta

Please visit and enjoy 17 paintings of Hiroshi's new style and play with his three interactive works.
First, the ""Color Sound Generator"" application that generates sound from the color values invites the audience to play with photographs in order to get certain sounds.
Then, “Moon Echo” exhibited at the Makassar Biennale 2019 is interesting to play using devices and earphones to delay the timing of someone's voice and interrupt the conversation in order to objectively recapture the communication. In this exhibition, this interactive work is presented with a visualization video of the sound.
Finally, let's have fun watching virtual exhibitions using the Color Cleanser App for Android. It's like playing a game. We can walk around virtually in 3D galleries or jump into fantasy rooms and gaze at virtual paintings and works.

The exhibition will be held until June 25, 2023.
Gallery Lorong is daily open from 10.00 - 21.00 WIB.

This Collaboration Art Project presented by Rasikei
And supported by Lorong Gallery, Lorong Homestay, Idoneus, Tropis Art Project, Saorsa Selatan

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